Meet The Team

We are a group of Charleston locals who share a passion for flipping houses and helping others along the way.

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Heck if I know?! I mean, “Why Not” is the better question. We are a reputable 5 star company with a ton of happy customers. Besides I HIGHLY recommend you get a quote from our competitors and an agent (several actually) to make sure you know what the value of your home is, before you go accepting random offers.

Our Team!

“Our team brings a combined 30+ years experience from all areas of the real estate business.”

What makes our team stand out from the rest? Our combined years of expertise allow us to give you the best possible experience when selling your home. We’ve put together a team of all star players who will guide you through every step of selling your home for cash.

we buy houses charleston sc

Anthony DeBiasi

Head Of Sales, Owner

Anthony is the first person you will talk to. He will meet you at your property, explain how it all works and make you a great offer.

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Brad Hawkins

Head Of Construction, Owner

Brad oversees all of the construction and rehabbing process. He makes sure the costs stay low so we can offer you more for your house.

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Andrew Steinmeyer

Head Of Operations, Owner

Andrew makes sure closings go smoothly and keeps rehab expenses on budget so we can give you the best possible offer.

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Carrie Steinmeyer

Head Of Customer Satisfaction

Carrie leads our customer support efforts and does her best to make sure every seller is satisfied throughout the entire process.

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