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We Are “Quick Buy Homes”, Charleston Locals Bringing Southern Etiquette To Buying & Selling Homes In The Lowcountry.

We’re a house buying company, known for our fair offers. We understand above all else, that no one will accept an offer that won’t work for them. This is why we go all out to present our highest possible offer. The way we do this is by doing our due diligence, and by keeping our renovation costs as low as possible. 

we buy houses as-is fast cash
sell my house as is fast cash charleston

Our rehabs are kept simple, and designed strategically to minimize the costs of repairs while maximizing our profit return. You do know what this means, don’t you?

Well, If we can keep our costs down and the profits up, we can offer you a lot more for your house. And this my friends is our secret to our higher offers! But shhhh, don’t tell anyone! 

Yes we are a real estate investing company: and like any other company we do it to make money. But, more than that, we chose to make money this way because we love it. We are having fun, and if a fast all cash offer helps you out of a tight spot, even better! BTW, if you would like to know how much in cash we would offer for your house, just click the button below:

Reputable House Buyers In SC

We are legitimate house buyers in Charleston who offer cash for your house. If you have a house for sale in Charleston, Berkeley or Dorchester county our team will do their best to give you the maximum possible offer, it costs you literally nothing to have us give you a no obligation, all cash offer for your house. Our services our 100% free.

We are fully registered and compliant in accordance to all the statues and limitations in the State Of South Carolina. If you feel like we are the ones you want to work with we promise not to let you down or waste your time.

As you can see we do things the right way. We take pride in our website and our business. Although we have a lot of fun working our business, we take you very seriously and we will make sure to treat you with respect, compassion and courtesy.

Do We Look Like Some Stuffy Real Estate Business?

sell my house fast charleston

We hope not!!  We are anything but the suit and tie type. That’s why we love Charleston so much. We do our best to help every homeowner we meet and always try to have fun throughout the process.

We believe you can run a successful business and help people at the same time. In fact, we think the more people you help, the more successful your business will be.

Professional House Buyers In Charleston

…and a little bit more!

legitimate house buyers charleston sc

We buy houses in Charleston, but that’s not all we do. As much as we love transforming old homes into beautiful new residences, we also enjoy working with local charities to keep the rest of Charleston beautiful.

Part of Charleston’s allure are the beautiful waterways that surround all parts of the Lowcountry. That’s why we donate a portion of every home sale to our local friends at Charleston Waterkeeper.

We Buy Houses All Over Charleston

“We, like you, are people that like to be treated with respect, honor, integrity, and understanding, and this is how you will be treated as well.”

Of course it’s important for you to know that we are capable to buy your house in cash as promised. We will dedicate this page to some background so you can determine if we are the right people to sell your house to. Credibility and honesty is a big part that will ultimately make you feel comfortable selling to us.

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